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A web site is never really a finished product and is subject to continuing revision, addition and improvement.

I use:

The Web Pages has been tested under Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 3.0 for Windows 3.1 and with HTML Version 3.2 and with a screen resolution of 640 × 480 pixels, 256 colors.

Links off my sites opens in a new browser window. Just close this new window and you are back. / Links væk fra mine sider åbner i et nyt browser vindue. Luk dette nye vindue og du er tilbage.

In some of my Web pages is used:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The Web Pages runs best under Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Browsing the Web with VBScript.

A VBScript 1.0 interpreter is packaged with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. If you want to gain the extended functionality and versatility of VBScript 2.0, you need to obtain Internet Explorer 4.0 from Microsoft.

Although a VBScript interpreter is part of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, most other browsers do not have a VBScript interpreter. But ScriptActive, a plug-in for Netscape Navigator 3.0/4.0 that supports VBScript, is available from NCompass. To obtain it for a free 30-day trial, visit the NCompass Web site at . A new version of the ScriptActive plug-in that supports VBScript 2.0 may be available by June 1997.

Once you install the ScriptActive plug-in in Netscape Navigator, you will be able to view pages that contain scripts written in VBScript. If you use VBScript in your own Web site, you may want to include a link to the NCompass Web site on one of your top-level Web pages. By doing this, visitors to your site who use Netscape Navigator can obtain and install the plug-in before accessing VBScript-enhanced pages.

Obsolete: VBScript is no longer supported in Internet Explorer IE11+. / Forældet: VBScript er ikke længere understøttet i Internet Explorer IE11+.

Browsing the Web with JavaScript.

The first browser to support JavaScript was Netscape Navigator 2.0. Since then, JavaScript has undergone two revisions. As a result, if you want to use the latest and greatest features of JavaScript, Version 1.2 (June 1997), you need the latest and greatest version of the Netscape Navigator - Version 4.0.

Although Netscape Navigator is certainly the key JavaScript supporter, it isn't the only browser to do so. Microsoft's Internet Explorer supports JavaScript as well. Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript is called JScript. Although the two are similar, JScript includes features that JavaScript doesn't and vice versa.

HTMLib Assisted by The HTML Reference Library by Stephen Le Hunte.


My Internet provider use:

Linux Apache





Operativsystem:        Linux 2.0.30 (UNIX Klone - Mest udbredte UNIX)
Web server software: Apache 1.2.6 (HTTP 1.1)
Proxy server software: Squid 1.1.20


Network Cloud / Netværk-cloudNetwork Cloud / Netværk-cloud

Purpose: Use for backup and/or synchronization between devices. / Formål: Brug til backup og/eller synkronisering mellem enheder.


Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape

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